Friday, 3 May 2013

It's been a quiet few weeks...

what with my having been unwell, therefore, there's not a great deal to report on.

Production on the bag front is a little slower than I'd like it to be at the moment, as work (supply teaching) has been busy and I spend my weekend's with T, (as he lives 30 miles away) so spare time is at an all-time low... but, hopefully that's about to change ;-)

Although, I have managed to spend a little time working those gorgeous remnants from Hole in the Wall fabric store in Walsall, into Shoulder Bags... the interior pockets are sewn in and the embellishments on the exterior aren't far off, so construction will shortly commence!

Snood in plum
Photograph originally uploaded by Abby Swanwick

What's more, I've finished knitting another snood!

Those of you who follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter, will have seen that I've been partaking in a little market research of late, to help determine a colour palette for next season's/my launch range.

Response was disappointingly slow to begin with, but encouraging my friends and family to join in helped. Upon talking to them, I realised I should have considered my wording a little more carefully, as the term 'tote' was proving a little ambiguous and to mention 'autumn' before spring has properly sprung, was rather off-putting... therefore 'Totes' will now be referred to as 'Shoulder Bags' and the 'A' word will no longer be mentioned!

Facebook Poll Results
Photograph originally uploaded by Abby Swanwick

Regardless, the poll is taking shape and decisions about my colour palette have been aided... so watch this space. Thank you to all who voted... although there's still time if you haven't...

Thanks for dropping by... have a great week!

Abby :)

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