Tuesday, 12 February 2013

So much to do-so little time!

You could be forgiven for thinking I’ve been slacking, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! Apologies for not having checked in with you during the last fortnight, (when I’d promised to pop in weekly – I’m not doing very well am I?!) only it’s been all hands on deck these last four weeks, to prepare for T’s best friend’s wedding. Rest assured I have still been crafting – however the creations were somewhat different to the norm!

First of all, I was asked to sculpt some dinosaur wedding cake toppers (odd I know, but it all made sense once I’d heard the readings during the ceremony) from fimo (coloured, oven baked clay) inspired by the work of Jennifer Walker (hence you won’t see these for sale on my website, as I have made them as a one-off gift only, so as not to tread on anyone’s toes) – not something I’ve ever done before, but I was up for the challenge! However I soon regretted showing such willing, as each one took literally hours to perfect (and perfect they had to be, since it was me making them!!), not to mention the frustration involved with sculpting one to look like the other (brideosaurus lost her head at one point…). Non-the-less, I’m really pleased with the outcome, and the bride was delighted with her ‘cake’ (I say cake, but it was actually cheese…) toppers.

Photographs originally uploaded by Abby Swanwick
My second and final creative endeavor in aid of the wedding, was my fascinator. Just where do you buy them?! I looked and looked, but any I found were either the wrong colour, or quite frankly hideous. What’s more I loathe paying for any item I’m capable of making myself. Therefore I took a cheery little trip to Hobbycraft to purchase a comb, a faux purple rose, purple feathers and some tulle, and set to work. This project too, took far longer than I’d expected and I was rather worried that the finished piece was a little on the large side (as I dislike wearing hats/items on my head as it is), but T managed to talk me into wearing it on the day-and what’s more I received many compliments… so it was well worth it.

Photographs originally uploaded by Abby Swanwick
If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, (bear with me, I’m still learning-advice welcomed) or you’ve visited my website lately, then you may have seen that one day, during the bad weather, (the first lot) T and I were snowed in; therefore I took the opportunity to put the Christmas presents he lovingly, yet painstakingly hand-crafted for me, to good use. 

(Incorporating not only my love of knitting, but also my love of stars and the colour turquoise, I simply adore my new knitting needles!)
Photographs originally uploaded by Abby Swanwick
Photographs courtesy of Toby Lea
At this point in time, they’re not available to buy online, but snoods can be knit to order in almost any colour of your chosing for £22. Suitable for both men and women they’re made from beautifully variegated, acrylic yarn (for I don’t know about you, but wool brings me out in rash). * End of shameless advertising *
And finally to mention, I’ve received my very first commission! I can’t tell you too much at this point in time, as I promised my client the first peak and what’s more I don’t want to spoil the surprise for the recipient of this gift. Therefore, watch this space…

Once again, thanks for stopping by… I’ve got lots coming up, so be sure to check back for what I hope to be, far more regular updates.

Abby x

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